Fox Tail Butt Plug- Large 16'' Grey

Brand: ElsaYX

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It’s a beautiful, soft, supple and fluffy tail plug that’s made of real animal fur. Enjoying the delicate moment as the tail hangs and drapes over your thighs, move your body freely as music plays.

Please take care of the plug and the tail thoroughly but carefully by cleaning both parts with anti-bacterial soap or a sex toy cleaner and rinse with lukewarm water. Pat the fox tail dry with a soft towel and lay it down to air dry.

• Large-sized stainless steel butt plug with fox tail furry fetish fun
• Metal plug can be cooled or warmed in water for added temperature play kicks.
• Tapered tip encourages easy insertion and extra stimulation

Length Handle: 35-40cm / 16” Plug: 9.5cm / 3.7”
Width Handle: N/A Plug: 4cm / 1.6”